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Unitop Global Holdings (UGH) incorporated in the United Kingdom is an Aqua Farming company with branches in different parts of the world. We are one of the largest Exporters of Mud Crab (SCYLLA SERRATA) and Horse Shoe Crab (TACHYPLEUS GIGAS). Since our export volumes are huge, to enable a seamless cross-border transactions, we have developed our own Crypto Currency UGH COINS. To raise the funds for expansion of our business to more countries, we are providing ICO for a limited period. After the final phase of ICO, within a couple of months UGH COINS will be listed in the leading Crypto Exchanges. After the coins are listed on the exchanges, only UGH coins will be used for all buying and selling of Mud Crabs. Since the demand for mud crab is increasing very rapidly, the production quantity will be increased which will help to create consistent demand for the UGH COINS as all the transactions are done only using UGH COINS.

Let's Start

UGH COINS are 100 percent utility coins which means you can use UGH COINS for most of the utilities in the future. In the near future UGH COINS will be accepted in most of the eCommerce websites and supermarkets. Crypto Gambling has gained its popularity in the recent years which gave us an idea to launch a Crypto Gambling Application that can be played with UGH COINS. With all these utilities, UGH COINS will have a good demand forever.

To maintain a high and consistent demand, we have restricted the total supply of UGH COINS to 500 Millions. Even though the staking miners are rewarded, the reward is limited to 25% a year, which helps to create a demand for the UGH COINS.

UGH COINS Allocation

Coins Sale Proceeds
  • Private/Pre Sale
  • Public ICO
  • Team & Advisor
  • Marketing & General
  • Bounty
Coins Distribution
  • Interconnection Dev
  • Marketing & General
  • Mobile Ad Platform
  • Ad Platform Integration
  • Operational Overhead

Road Map

UGH COINS have a proper and perfect plan of action

1st Half 2019
UGH COINS Development

A complete research and study on the market and development of the UGH COINS followed by multiple phases of testing.

3rd Quarter 2019

Brought a team of Advisors on board and followed their advice to comply with all the legal rules and policies.

4th Quarter 2019
ICO - Multiple Phases

Followed by the private sale for a few days, there are 5 phases of ICO with a limited supply in each phase.

1st Quarter 2020
Listing on Exchanges

UGH COINS will be listed on leading Crypto Currency Exchanges and the expected opening price is 2 USD.

2nd Quarter 2020
Business Expansion and Gambling

More branches will be opened in different parts of the country and Gambling Applications will be launched.

Our Mobile App

The UGH COINS very own app is available to download for your iPhone or Android device!. Now Download the new mobile app, and get the most out of your membership with special tools designed to enhance your experience.

Manage your Wallet

You can transact UGH Coins easily

Reward & Bonus

You will get rewards and bonus

Global Trading

Buy and Sell UGH Coins

Safe and Secure

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Frequently Asked Questions

The total supply of UGH COINS are 500 Millions.
UGH COINS are developed using SCRYPT algorithm.
Yes! One can stake UGH COINS and mine using their staking wallet.
3 Blocks are required for a successful transaction.
Yes! This is a POS coin. One can stake the coins and earn rewards.
We provide desktop and web wallets. You can access the web wallet from your mobile through our App.
The transactions are faster than Bitcoin.
Yes you can backup your private key from the desktop wallet.

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